Facebook E-Commerce / F-Commerce

Facebook E-Commerce / F-Commerce

F-commerce is a form of social e-commerce; refer to the use of social media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services. In F-commerce, Facebook uses as a platform for facilitating and executing sales transactions – either on Facebook itself or externally via the Facebook Open Graph. This is the rich, interactive Ecommerce Solution for online business.

How F-Commerce Helps?

F-commerce helps businesses facilitate and execute sales transactions using Facebook. F-Commerce can be used to drive customer, instill customer loyalty and advocacy. From a consumer perspective, f-commerce allows shoppers to shop with their social graph and make smarter shopping decisions using their social intelligence.

Add e-commerce Storefront to your Facebook fan page and leverage the power of social media to your business with eStore Seller. We can also integrate your existing shopping cart as facebook shopping cart. This feature enables shoppers to shop directly on their Facebook page. Submerge your target audience in your brand and reach out to potential customers with our custom designed Facebook fan page and storefront

Facebook E-commerce Solution helps to;

  • Increasing online sales
  • Increase Facebook fan base
  • Build excitement around your brand
  • Leverage the power of Social media to your business
  • Improve Shopping experience of your customer

eStore Seller provide F-commerce consultancy services which helps businesses or marketers to integrate social media optimization approach to imprint their brand's message into their target audience while achieving desired results. Our team has the talent and experience to create precisely what your business needs. We can design and develop Facebook shopping cart along with ecommerce solutions, implement integration with excising e-commerce store. So, increase your traffic and sales and be present on the fastest growing social media platform with our e-solutions

Grown Fans and Brand Awareness with eStore Sellers Facebook E-commerce solutions