Custom Web Design vs Website templates: Which one’s better?

Custom Web Design v/s Website Templates

Are you planning to launch a new ecommerce website? If yes then you must be thinking to get a custom web design or just buy a website template. The mostly asked question these days..

“Should i pay more to get a Custom Web design or just buy an online Website Template?”

Before we answer the question, you need to know some advantages and disadvantages of both. This article will help you choose which one is better for your business.

Custom Web Design


The most prominent advantage of a Custom Web design is that it will make your website stand out of the crowd and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors, which is quite useful in today’s online world. Moreover, you will get an increased credibility over your competitors. A custom web design also gives you better position in search engines which a website template does not offer. Custom designs are completely responsive which is also a plus point for Google rankings.

Not only this, Custom design also gives your website a unique look. A custom web design is more likely to brand your business in a proper way other than an online template. You have the freedom to change anything that you don’t like or add something that you think will benefit your website. This kind of freedom is not available in a template, you have to stick with what’s included. Moreover, the added CMS feature will help you update your website whenever you want.


A custom website design is a bit expensive than the website template. Also, a custom design will take more time to design than a website template. A custom design is time consuming as well as more expensive than a website template.

Website Template


Unlike a custom web design, website template takes less time to implement and are less expensive than a custom web design. If you are low on budget and you need to launch your ecommerce website quickly, then website template is a better choice. Whether you are a non-tech person, you can still easily install website template by yourself. You don’t need to learn any programming language to use a website template.


Although a website template is less expensive but it won’t be beneficial for your business. There are thousands of online website templates on the web, there are 70% chances that your business competitor might be using the same template as yours. This will cause duplication and your website may not rank as much as you want.

Moreover, these website templates are not search-engine friendly, so you won’t ever find your website on the top of search engines. These website templates lack browser compatibility due to which you will loose a lot of customers as well. If your customers won’t be able to find you, how will they be able to buy from your website.

Another major flaw in a Website template is that you can’t customize it as you want. It will be used however it has been designed. You will not be able to build it according to your business needs, which will decrease your sales and increase bounce rates on your website.


At the end, it all depends on your personal preferences. If a website template suits your needs then you should get it but if you need a website that is search-engine friendly, mobile-compatible, unique design, built according to your business needs, then a custom website design from eStoreSeller is the perfect choice for you. We provide all kind of ecommerce website design and development services.

If you know any other point that will help the readers in choosing the right option, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.