How to get your items listed on eBay buy box?

What is eBay Buy box?

Just like the Amazon buy box, eBay has also started its buy box feature. It is basically a part of eBay’s product based shopping experience. eBay buy box feature makes it easier for buyers to choose the best product suggested by eBay itself. When you use the group similar listing option while searching for your desired product on eBay, you will see the items labeled with ‘Your Pick’ and having ‘buy it now’ button next to them. These are items from the eBay buy box as they are highly recommended by eBay in terms of price, feedback, quality or delivery method.

How to get your items listed in eBay Buy Box?

eBay does not chooses these product randomly, it uses certain algorithm to choose the best product for its buyers. eBay has not disclosed its eBay buy box algorithm. There are certain factors which can get your items listed in eBay buy box.

Unlike Amazon that decides the buy box only on price and fulfillment, eBay uses several other factors to list the item in buy box. Its not just the lowest price. It can also be the feedback score, quality of the product, shipping options, Seller’s history, Location, Return policies and much more. If you don’t have time to manage these things just sit back and let our eBay store design and SEO team do the job.

Let’s discuss these factors in detail so you can get your items listed easily.

Use eBay catalog listing

eBay catalog is still growing and sellers should add their products using the eBay catalog listing. You should add product from the category in the new eBay product based shopping experience. If the catalog for your product is not there, you should add it yourself. Although this will take time as it has to be approved by eBay but this is definitely worth the wait. If you are the only one with that catalog listing, you can easily get into eBay buy box. Moreover, eBay prefers the ones who are using eBay catalog listing to list their products.

Competitive Pricing

Its not that the lowest prices will get you into buy box. Price is just a part of it. You need to have competitive pricing along with other factors as well. The lowest prices are a separate section below this area. Low prices do have an edge over high prices in buy box for customers who are more concerned about price than other factors. If the customer turn on low to high prices filter then you have more chances of getting your item listed into the buy box.

According to a survey, more than 85% of the online customers prefer pricing factor over other factors. But price alone cannot be enough to get you into buy box, you need to deliver value for that price as well. So try to focus on value of your item than the price.

Shipping Flexibility

Another major factor than can get your item into buy box is the shipping flexibility. If you use the best shipping options without any charges or minimal charges, then you are most likely to get your item recommended by eBay. Most of the sellers earn profit through shipping rates and sometimes the shipping rates are higher than the price of the item itself which discourages buyer. And some may face delays in shipping. So keep your shipping options quicker and cheaper than others.

Feedback and Ratings

The major concern of the buyer after price is the feedback and ratings you have on eBay. The higher the feedback the more the satisfaction of your buyer. Purchasing online has much more risk than shopping physically. Thus, people need to know the authenticity of the seller. They want to know if their product will be delivered to them or not. This is why feedback and ratings are very important. They give your buyers an idea how much positive or negative feedback you have. The feedback and ratings are used to determine whether or not to do business with you.

So always try to satisfy your customers and ask them to deliver feedback on your store. This is helpful for your future buyers. The more the positive feedback or stars, the more the chances of increasing your chances to get into buy box.

Return Policies

As online shopping has increased in these years, return policies are becoming more important. Unlike visitors to brick and mortar stores, online buyers don’t get to see the product itself. This is why they demand returns. The return policy is also another factor. It is really recommended by eBay. So if you have more flexibility in your returns then you have more chances to get your items listed into eBay buy box. But don’t try to exceed your limits in order to get recognized. Use return policies that you can really offer and and that cannot get you into loss. If you offer more than 30 days return policy and you don’t live up to it, then it can result in negative feedback and may lower your sales as well.


At the end, If you follow these tips carefully you are surely getting your items listed in the buy box. As eBay catalog and eBay product based shopping experience grows and people are using the grouped listings more often, these tips can get you on top of the search results. This will increase your sales on eBay and will get you rank in Google as well. Get your sales high using these methods and enjoy your life.

But if you do not have time or you don’t have any idea about these things, just sit back and let our eBay store design and SEO team do the magic. For more details contact us using the form below.