eBay HeadGaze: New way to Shop on eBay using iPhone X

eBay has managed a new online shopping app on iPhone X where you can shop by movement of your head. No more excuses for impaired people, they can now shop using their heads. eBay’s new HeadGaze feature is amazing and allows the impaired people to shop online using their head movements on the iPhone X.

eBay Technology is advancing day after day. In this modern world of tech, nobody can feel impaired. When it comes to eBay, they are always trying to bring the best and the most convenient way for users to shop online. They are trying to minimize the effort of online shopping through mobiles. With online shopping stores available on smartphones I thought online shopping cannot be much easier. But today eBay has gone beyond limits.

Let’s discuss in detail what is HeadGaze and who has introduced it and how is it possible to shop using your head.

What is HeadGaze?

HeadGaze is basically a reusable technology library that tracks your head movements on the iPhone X. It is a software developed by the developers at eBay to use the AR kit in the iPhone X and the front-facing 3D camera of iPhone X to use the motion of your head to navigate though your phone without using your hands. This is the first time someone has made this type of technology. HeadGaze is basically an open-source technology that anyone can use for their apps with little changes in the code. It is a really beneficial app for those impaired by hands. HeadGaze will have a huge impact on the lives of many people. Moreover, it is open-source so it is a lot beneficial for all the developers in the world.

How it works?

The team of developers have designed virtual stylus that displays the motion of your head just like a cursor on your screens. It basically uses the AR kit and the 3D camera from iPhone X to develop the head motions. It is currently functional on iPhone X only. Moreover, they have implemented new UI that respond the cursor movements. Similarly, as a mouse navigates cursor on the desktop, this lets you point to any location of your iPhone’s screen with your head and also activate clicks. For example, the software senses the cursor movement and how long the cursor has been in one spot to trigger a clicking action.

The developers at eBay have implemented this software by developing the HeadSwipe app. It allows users to scroll through deals on eBay by using their Head movements. For example, by pointing your head toward the up and down buttons, the app scrolls to different daily deals in different categories (e.g. a vertical swipe). By pointing your head toward left and right buttons, the app swipes items one after another horizontally (e.g. a horizontal swipe) like a carousel.

Who has Developed it?

It’s none other than Muratcan Çiçek. He is 24 years old, is dependent on wheelchair due to the cerebral paralysis he had during birth. But the disabled, limiting his movements, has not managed to limit his life. Muratcan is committed to making technological solutions to increase the quality of life of physically challenged people. For this, he works with YGA (Young Guru Academy), an international non-governmental organization established in Turkey in 2000. Moreover, he also won the Google Scholarship and became the first Turkish handicapped person in Google.

Muratcan Çiçek made this app while he was doing his internship at eBay. He made this app HeadGaze as his internship project at eBay. Muratcan believes that Artificial Technology (AI) has enabled him to read his course books, type on computer to make his assignments, type code. They do every other routine tasks that a disabled person would not even think of. He built this software to help people like him to shop online. With 39.5 million Americans currently considered physically disabled, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this tool is like the hope for their life. This will help them perform everyday tasks easier.

In his interview with BBC, he said:

“We are developing new software for the disabled. With this software, anyone can use a computer and a mobile phone regardless of physical disabilities. We plan to take it to the market in September. We agreed to stay in touch with Google. ”


With its help for those with disabilities, eBay has decided to release both HeadGaze and HeadSwipe as an open-source project on GitHub so that other app makers can implement Cicek’s technology into their own products.

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