How to increase sales on eBay and Amazon?

Increase sales on eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are the top ecommerce platforms in the world. Buyers from all over the world are selling their products on these ecommerce platforms. This is why there is a really tough competition between the sellers. Everyone is trying its best to be at the top of their sellers list. If you are also trying to increase your sales on eBay and Amazon, this article is for you.

According to a research it is found that while purchasing on these two platforms, around 88% of the customers rely upon customer reviews rather than recommendations. This is why you should always satisfy your customer with the best support and product quality.

Nowadays, in order to increase your sales on eBay and Amazon you need to have a Professional product listing. If you don’t have it right now, you should contact eStoreSeller now. Now, let’s start on how to increase your sales on eBay and Amazon.

Increasing sales on Amazon

Amazon is the top ecommerce platform in the world. With more than 5 million sellers on Amazon, it is quite difficult to sell your products on Amazon. Here we will discuss some important tips that you can use to increase your sales on Amazon.

Set your prices according to the market

According to a survey, Amazon made more than $177 billion of sales in 2017 and growing more in 2018. This shows that you should keep your prices according to the market. If the market price goes high, you need to set yours high too. As the parity pricing says, the selling price of a product should go high in the same amount as the prices of the inputs used. Therefore, in order get yourself in the buy box, you need to have a competent price to beat the competition.

Hire an SEO expert to promote your Product Listing

More than 50% of the Amazon sellers have used SEO for their Product listing to increase their sales. With such a competition in this ecommerce platform, there is a dire need to get an SEO expert for your Amazon product listing to make it SEO friendly. Therefore, this will increase your product visibility on Google and every other search engine which will eventually increase traffic and sales on your Amazon store.

Increase your Product reviews

More than 50% of the your buyer will go for the product reviews before even looking at the specifications. Product reviews do not just help you increase your ranking but also increases buyers confidence. There are number of people who are offering paid reviews for your store but a better way is to ask your current customers to review your products to make it genuine. This will help you get into buy box and increase your sales as well.

Increasing sales on eBay

Although the sales on Amazon are much more than eBay but due to the relaxed joining policies of eBay, eBay has more than 25 million sellers. This means that there is more competition on eBay than Amazon. Moreover, due to the latest eBay seller updates, eBay has made a few changes that have also affected the sales. The best way to increase your sales on eBay is to differentiate yourself among these millions of sellers. This can be attained by getting a custom eBay store design that is unique and help you stand out of the crowd. For the best customization of your eBay store contact none other than eStoreSeller.

Get a custom eBay store design

A custom eBay store does not just increase your sales but also give your store a unique and Professional design that is only yours. You must be thinking that eBay has stopped this feature recently but there is still an option on eBay that can get you a custom eBay store design. The creation of customized eBay pages will help you to promote your product line. Get the best custom eBay store design from the best eBay store designers, eStoreSeller.

Featured items

Featured items are the most prominent items when a visitor visits your store. This is why get a professional custom featured items section that will attract more customers. Choose your products wisely that you would like to represent in featured items. I will suggest you to choose those products that have low sales to improve its sales.

Create Promotional offers

Everybody love sales. Promotional offers are more likely to be attracted by the visitor than other products. You can create discounted offers, coupons and deals to attract more customers. Moreover, you need to stay updated by the latest events in your area to provide sales according to specific events. You can also offer free shipping or other deals to increase your visitors and increase your sellers.

Get your eBay store SEO friendly

The best thing to get yourself in front of your target audience is to make your eBay store SEO friendly. Get your eBay store SEO friendly from the best SEO Service providers to refine your brand identity. Around 28% of the buyers search for a product on Google so with an SEO friendly eBay store you can drive traffic to your eBay store easily.


To conclude, I must say that in order to increase your sales on eBay and Amazon you need to follow these mentioned tips. Moreover, you should keep the rules and regulations of these ecommerce marketplaces. If you want to add more information that I may have missed, kindly share it in the comment section below. For more information on increasing sales on eBay and Amazon, feel free to contact us anytime.