eBay Seller update 2018: eBay Seller Protection

Unlike other ecommerce channels, eBay has become the most used channel for ecommerce start-ups. The latest eBay seller update have gained more confidence of eBay sellers. With new return policies and refund policies for buyers, eBay has become the perfect selling platform for its sellers.

Sell your products on eBay with confidence because you are backed by the automated detection system that monitors millions of transactions every day to implement policies and track any problem before it starts.

As in the latest eBay seller update, eBay changed the return policy options, they have also issued protection for their sellers. They protect you from everything that is not in your control to help you manage your business.

How eBay can protect you?

According to latest eBay seller update, from June 1, 2018 if you issue free returns, you can also issue partial refunds to buyers to get more control over your business. Let’s suppose if a buyer uses or damages your product and then try to return it, you can issue a partial refund and further eBay will take care of it.

If a buyer tries to intensify the situation, eBay will also take care of that and will protect you from negative feedback as well. Basically, eBay will help you in every situation no matter how intense the situation is. This type of feature gains more confidence for its sellers.

When a seller offer free returns on its eBay store, they can also set their shipping or returns policies. This really helps the buyer if they get a used or damaged product in return. Such type of facilities makes eBay a reliable ecommerce channel.

When will eBay protect you?

eBay has covered up almost every situation which a seller may face during its eBay business. There are situations where a seller can easily deal with the buyer and can resolve their problem. There are also some situations where it gets out of their control, this is where eBay plays its role.

eBay protects your reputation and standards and also monitors buyer behavior after sale. This helps eBay to point out buyers who frequently return items and buyers who post false feedback.

Here is the list of situations where it gets out of a seller’s control and eBay steps in:

  • When you ship an item on time and provide tracking, and it arrives late.
  • If you’re impacted by carrier disruptions or severe weather.
  • When your buyer retracts their bid or doesn’t pay.
  • If a buyer changes their order or requests something extra.
  • From buyers that have an unusual rate of complaints or returns.
  • If the buyer returns an item after they opened it, used it, or sent it back in a condition other than the one you sent it in.

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