Should I start an eBay store or not?

With so many changes coming to eBay’s policy, its the most asked question these days that “Should i start an eBay store or not?” Every year eBay makes some changes that put sellers out of business. Like the active content policy, custom designs policy, listings policies, Price changes and much more. These changes have changed the mind of many eBay sellers and for those who have not started yet.

As a seller on their ecommerce channel, you cannot do anything else than just accept their policies. Moreover, the design limitations have increased a lot now. eBay have greatly limited the customization of your storefront. With all these changes, its your call that should you go for an eBay store or start your own online store and be your own boss.

In this article, we will tell you about the changes that eBay have implemented over the few years. This will help you take a decision about starting an eBay store or not.

eBay does not care about your Interests

Like every other ecommerce trading company, eBay is primarily concerned with its own interests and stock prices. They don’t care about your interests nor they care if you provide an authentic service. All they want is to grow their own business and make their shareholders happy.

eBay can implement new rules whenever they want which can affect your sales. They can ban your eBay store whenever they want. The worst thing is that you cannot stop them from making these changes. They will implement them no matter how their sellers are affected.

Limited design changes in eBay Stores

Unless you can pay hundreds of dollars to get the “Anchor” store subscription for $300, they have greatly limited the customizing of storefront. I don’t think you must be willing to pay $300 monthly to eBay to get a custom design, you can rather build a lot of pages on your own website.

Recently in Spring Seller Update 2018, eBay have announced that you cannot fully customize your eBay Storefront. With this change, many of the eBay sellers lost their unique look to the eBay store and felt a decrease in their sales. A custom design gives you the ability to have a look that will distinguish them from other eBay sellers, but eBay snatched that too. Basically they have implemented so many limitations that one may get frustrated and may leave eBay forever.

eBay is not good for building a Brand

eBay is a closed platform, there is not much of an independence. You are stuck between its limitations which does not help you become a Brand. The poor thing is that you cannot access your customer’s base nor you can sell out of eBay. Which will make it difficult for a repeated business.

You are not able to collect emails and you are not allowed to contact customers after you have made a sale with them. In other words, you have to keep on looking for new buyers rather than ask your previous buyers until they contact you by themselves. This way you can never build a loyal customer relationship.

Another issue is that everyone knows that all of the eBay sellers are mostly mom and pop who are working from home or small business owners, so the buyer also tries to bargain more. This thinking does not let you build your Brand on eBay. Its better to start your own ecommerce website and do whatever you want, sell however you want and sell whomever you want.

How to get something good out of eBay Store?

Although eBay may not be a good place to run your long-term business, but you can still get something good out of it. eBay is quite a large marketplace so there is a built-in community of sellers and buyers. You can easily test your product line. You can test your products on eBay to know that if its a good product line to start your business.

Moreover, its a good place to sell your old products that are collecting dust in your junkyard. This way you can get something beneficial out of them. So eBay is a good place for startups but not a good place if you want to start a long-term business.


At the end, it all depends on your own view point. If you are satisfied with your eBay business, it is good for you. If you have not started your online business yet, you need to think about it. This article have described about the changes from eBay and how they will affect your online business. It all comes down to your personal preference. No one has the same viewing angle, you may see things from a different angle.

If you ask for my opinion, i would recommend you to start your own ecommerce website and sell whenever and however you want. Design your website however you want. No extra fees to display your products. No monthly subscriptions. No deductions on sales. Everything you earn will be in your account only. Basically, Be your own Boss. For more information contact eStoreSeller, we can guide you the best.

If you think that i am not right about this, i am open to suggestions. Kindly submit your suggestions in the comment box below if you want.