Secure your eBay store with HTTPS

After Google, eBay has also started to hate http links. Earlier eBay has been displaying the external content with http as not-secure content on every browser. Now they have advised to remove the HTTP content on its eBay store or replace with HTTPS content (secure content).

Recently, eBay has been sending the http links in the dark and they are not ranked on Google as well. Now eBay has started to remove all of the http content on its stores. If you have any of the http listings on your store or any other product link that is http, you should get yourself secured with https right now.

Now what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Why eBay is removing the HTTP?

Which one is better –¬† HTTP or HTTPS?


HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This protocol is used to send data between your browser and the website.

It is a protocol that has enabled people all over the world to share content on the Internet. But now this is not as much secure because it can be hacked easily and your precious data can be exploited easily.


The HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol secure which means that the connection between your browser and the website is completely encrypted. This means that it cannot be hacked easily.

It sends and receives data between your browser and the website using a code that cannot be encrypted by any one between. This proves that it is a secure connection and this is the reason Google and eBay are forcing you to convert your store to HTTPS. Moreover, Google will also rank your store on top of other eBay stores that still use http.

Why eBay is removing HTTP?

The HTTP is a non-secure protocol that means all the data you share over this connection can be accessed by third person. eBay is an ecommerce business that involves online shopping which includes your payment details and bank details as well. This is why eBay is forcing you to transfer your links to HTTPS to keep yours as well as your customer’s payment details safe and secure.

Moreover, HTTP sites are being sent down the dark by Google. It does not rank the sites that have http links which is a bad impact on your eBay store because if people won’t find your store, they won’t be able to buy from your store. That is why it is highly recommended that you transfer your eBay store links to HTTPS today.

How can i convert my eBay store to HTTPS?

It is not that difficult to convert your store to HTTPS. This can be done by installing the SSL Certificate by your hosting providers. Contact your hosting providers today and get an SSL certificate installed on your eBay store. This will convert your store to HTTPS and make it secure.

HTTPS keep the information safe and secure from hackers. Even if someone tries to hack, it would be just some random characters that cannot be decoded by anyone. Only the sender and receiver with SSL certificate having the code can decode the information. With so many precious details on the web, this is quite essential thing to do now. If you need the SSL Certificate, contact eStoreSeller today. They have the best prices than the market. Moreover, we can also provide hosting services cheaper than anyone else.