Ecommerce (Magento Store Design)

Ecommerce (Magento Store Design

Need a perfect online store for your business that meet s to your entire needs? Then Magento is the right Ecommerce solutions for you. Magento is the Ecommerce software offering maximum flexibility and control over appearance and functionality to run an Ecommerce business without any specific technical knowledge. Magento ecommerce has rich feature, excellent backend and wide variety of payment options which allowing online seller to get more out of their own business.

Create, run and manage your online store with eStor Seller, we are a leading Ecommerce Design and Development company based in UK offers Magento store design, Magento development and Magneto customization services. We have team of Magento Developers for complete Magento Integration including custom theme and design, Programming, Payment Gateway, Shipping Method integration, Development, features and Customization of Magento Ecommerce Platform. We believe in providing bespoke e-Commerce solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. Get creative, powerful, and effective Magento Ecommerce solution at affordable price.

Key Benefits of Magento Store

  • User friendly admin interface in Magento makes it one of the best every admin panel in open source
  • it offers detailed product browsing, with multiple product images, User reviews, rating and wish lists.
  • Easy navigation of product catalogues, including product comparisons and advanced product filtering.
  • Powerful catalogue inventory management with batch import option.
  • Wide variety of payment options.
  • Excellent customer management resources, including complete order tracking, order management system and much more.
  • Various marketing and promotional tools.
  • Flexibility and maximum control takes the e-commerce platforms to next level.
  • Amazing Multi Store Functionality manageable using single admin interface
  • It is also search engine friendly and user friendly.
  • Structure and Design of Magento platform is excellent and that makes it a most reliable one.
  • Unlimited and highly flexible extensions are available for all Magento stores.

Multi Channel Ecommerce

Take your E-commerce Sale to the Next Level
Multi Channel E-Commerce is a complete and cohesive e-commerce solution that leads to increase in E-commerce revenue offering maximum visibility of product through multiple channels which ultimate results in increase in turnover and profit. It also improves order processing and customer satisfaction. Through multichannel E-commerce retail businesses can communicates and integrates with additional sales channels, such as eBay, Amazon,, along with price comparison web sites such as Google Products, Kelkoo,, etc. All marketplaces integration means that your stock will be updated across all integrated channels; this will lead to better customer service and instill more confidence in your consumer.

Build a better online store with a powerful, flexible platform that will support multi channel growth and success. Magento has all features that are necessary to take your online business to new heights. Magento Store Design brings you the most trusted e-commerce solution to drive more traffic and sale. It allows online merchant to run multiple websites/ stores. The Store owners can easily customize the look and feel of their online stores from the unified admin interface.

Wide Range of Extensions

Get Cutting Edge Technologies to Boost Revenues
Magento is robust open-source E-Commerce platform that gives you complete flexibility and control over your online store's design, appearance, content, and functionality. To extend the functionality of your store Magento Ecommerce has wide range of Magento extensions, Magento templates and themes and custom magento development.

If you are in E-commerce business and going to open an online venture, you will face multiple challenges to make your business successful such as configuring store layout, managing user experience, scarce sales conversions, essential customer support, and many more. Get experts help in releasing your ideas.
Create the ultimate shopping experience with extensions for gifting, merchandising, search, social media and more. Some time great deal of expertise required for incorporating these extensions within your online store to ensure that installed extension perfectly apt and does not disturb any other design or functionality. Our highly trained, proficient and professional Magento design and development team makes all this happen perfectly and smoothly. Store Seller offer have simple and powerful Ecommerce Solution that turn your store into an eye-catching, functional and user-friendly ecommerce web resource.

Give your business the power of Magento Ecommerce and improve your online store functionality and make it more user friendly with Magento E-Commerce Solution. Let the eStore Seller to define your online business presence with tailor made and eye catching Magneto store design services.