Rakutan.com / Buy.com

Rakutan.com / Buy.com

Expand your reach with Rakuten.com Shopping (Buy.com) and becomes the part of a big and ever growing merchant community. It is affixed price and highly competitive ecommerce marketplace to sell products online. If you are an established or seasoned seller, looking for new resource to expand your business, the Rakuten.com Shopping (Buy.com) store helps you in achieving you targets.

Tools of Rakuten.com Shopping

Showcase you quality product at Buy.com and get exceptional deals from millions of Buy.com customer. Get more out of your Rakuten.com Shopping with following tools;

Email Market with BuyMail

Rakuten.com Shopping helps merchant in building customer base through BuyMail. This is an email market tool inside the Rakuten.com Shopping allowing merchant to build customer base and start acquiring loyal customer. It allows merchant to email market the newest products or hottest deals.

Brand with Storefront

Storefront allows you to brand your business and to express who you are. Rakuten.com Shopping is a fixed price market place with name brand products. It is an image focusing storefront allowing buyer to know exactly to whom they are buying from.

Selling in Japan

Through Rakuten.com Shopping Marketplace, sellers get a unique opportunity to sell products in Japan with easy international forwarding system. All you have to do is sign an addendum and you are all set. Pick and choose which products you would like to sell in Japan.

Shipping Engine

Product shipping become easier than ever before with Rakuten.com Shopping's shipping engine. This tool helps merchant to create their own shipping rules to offer customers the best possible shipping experience without hassle of shipping cost.

ECCs (Ecommerce Consultants Support)

Rakuten.com Shopping empower the merchant offer an ecommerce consultant to all of its merchants. ECCs is there to help you maximize your sales efforts and grow your business. By login in board, seller can find who your ECC, helping you how to effectually market your business.

Benefits of Rakuten.com Shopping Store

Rakuten.com Shopping is the 3rd leading ecommerce market place provides over 16 million products in 24 categories and includes a network of over 5,500 small and large business shop owners. Rakuten.com Shopping work with seller centric philosophy and take care to make them successful.

  • Be the part of Rakuten.com Shopping and grow sales.
  • Arrow Get access to a new market of highly desirable buyers.
  • Arrow Grow online sales.Arrow Easy to list and manage your inventory
  • Arrow Empower Branding. Display your brand throughout the purchasing process.
  • Arrow Create your BuyTV Product Reviews and Spotlights which helping to get loyal customers.
  • Arrow Join on-site merchandising opportunities.
  • Arrow Customize shop to engage more customers

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